Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spiritualism? – Spiritualism is the seventh largest religion in the U.K. (Jediism was excluded as a religion by the Charity Commission after 177,000 people named it as their religion in the 2011 census). Spiritualism has no dogma or ritual and allows all members to have freedom of thought. The philosophy of Spiritualism is based on the Seven Principles.

Do Spiritualists’ talk to the dead? – This is a popular term used by people to mock Spiritualism. Trained mediums are able to communicate with people who have passed to the world of Spirit, with all their memories and knowledge. Mediums are then able to pass on the messages they receive to their loved ones who are in the congregation, giving information of shared memories and often an awareness of current situations in the recipients life that they may wish to help with. Mediumship is the proof of life after death, not life coaching or psychic, which is a way of reading someone’s body language to give some obscure information.

Is there a charge to come to your church? – No but there is a collection where your free will offerings are gratefully received. The church relies solely on free will donations and bequests. From time to time there are special events and the entry fee will be advertised with the event.

Is it okay to come along to the services alone? – Yes of course, you will receive a very warm welcome.
Is the church open to anyone? – People of all denominations and none come to our church and often return, as they like what they see and hear.
Do you do tarot readings? – No, because the purpose of mediumship is to prove life after death, and tarot readings do not form any part of our religion.
What is Spiritual healing?  – Spiritual Healing is the transference of the power of Spirit, by the laying on of hands, passing on the healing energy to the patient and is available to all. Spiritual Healing mediums have to go through a very stringent process over 2 – 3 years before they become approved by the Spiritualists’ National Union.
Do I have to be a Spiritualist to have healing? – No, Spiritual healing is available to all, no matter what their background, religion or beliefs.
Are Spiritualist services scary? – Absolutely not. That’s the influence of Hollywood and TV film makers.
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