First blog post

The power of Spiritual healing. I have had permission from the family involved to share their wonderful story with our Facebook members which was sent as a request for healing to the SNU Almoner’s page. Requests are sent to all people who have signed up to it, worldwide, and absent healing is sent from all those people. Please feel free to sign up to it by emailing Minister Marian Bishop at

I received an email from Sally Barnes who has shared with me some wonderful news.
A little while ago healing and prayers were asked for Conner Bagley who had fractured his spine and the prognosis was not good at all. He was going to America to the Football academy with a future in football.
He was put into a body cast for 8 weeks … but was told that it was just simply to ” just see what happens” his chances were about zilch but that an operation and pins was the expected outcome.
Said Sally, having asked for healing through the Almoners page, her development group, and other people sending out for him the cast was removed last week.
The Outcome !!!!!!!!!
The doctors had to double check his x rays as they said they could not believe they had the correct ones … that the ones that they were seeing were like those of someone who had never had a fracture in the first place !!!
They had expected the possibility of seeing calcium growth for the bonding/ mending of the bones …but the x ray didn’t even show that .
It is as though the fracture was never there in the first place.
Obviously Conner and the family are over the moon with happiness, and now he is in the throes of making plans to go to America.
Both Conner and his Mum wish to thank everyone who has asked for healing thoughts to go out to Conner and who added him to their prayers,
Friends …what can we say to such a marvellous outcome but ” Thank you to God ” for all the help that was given by whoever asked for healing … we know that we are only instruments but how Powerful are prayers and healing in times of need.
but always remember friends ” that your thoughts and prayers are always heard ”
We all know that this has been a classic case of ” Spirit in Action”
Thank you Sally for sharing this with us all …