Letter of praise for our church

Dear Alan and Pat

After sitting in the church on Wednesday watching Vicky Knight give the most inspiring address and amazing demonstration of mediumship I just wanted to write and thank you all at Croydon Spiritualist Church for all that you do.

As I sat on Wednesday it made me reflect on how my life has changed, unfolded and opened so many doors that were waiting to open when I first came along 3 years ago.
I’ve always loved a bigger spiritual picture, always knowing that there is more than we could ever know or understand.

I’ve seen many a medium, tried many an ‘alternative therapy’ and always looked for a sign or two!!

Little did I know when I met Pat’s daughter several years ago in different circumstances and she said ‘pop along to Croydon  Spiritualist Church when you can because my mum and step dad are very involved there,  how much these few words would change my life!
So 3 years ago with lots of issues going on for me I found myself sitting in the church. The love, the peace, some amazing proof that our loved ones are with us and addresses that gave me light bulb moments, I knew I was being given more helping signs from spirit.

Truthfully these moments helped me more than I could ever explain.

So with many a door opening, I absolutely love being a trainee healer and being part of a team who help those wanting healing. I sit in a small developmental circle that is full of fun, love, kindness and support.
I’m in awe of all that spirit has opened for me when the time was right in my life so I continue to trust, be part of the amazing healing team and circle and can’t thank you all enough for how you continue to help me and everyone who walks through the door of the  Church.

It is truly a remarkable place.

I hope tomorrow’s celebrations (church birthday party) go well and sorry that I can’t join you all. However, I shall raise a glass on my deckchair to thank you all, spirit and the bigger picture that supports and guides us all.

Much love Erica xx

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